We are here to claim the throne and not a single one of you can hold us down. So step up and face the duce. Expanding vigilante moves will have no use. So listen: you've got no chance to win at all, when you ride amongst selfrighteous sinners.You wanna go? Too slow, you're disgusting me. Is this the man and the scene that you swore to be? You've got the flow? Oh no;
praise hypocrisy. You ain't worth shit and can never reach up to me. I'll bear the torch, the spear, the agony. Don't play it tough 'cause we both know that you are scared of me. You wanna go? Hell no; ride your fantasy.
You may got there first but you're still a tragic parody. You've got no right to drop the fall, when you've lost against such excellent winners.

Photograph by moonjazz on flickr

Syros, Greece | Constantine Emmanouilidi

Elias Holl | Town Hall | 1615–1624 | Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

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i dearly love Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. not just for their hysterical movie roles, but for who they really are. their real, raw friendship that started when Mewes was still just in high school. the brotherhood they shared. the way Kevin never gave up on Jason through any of his hardship, and they way that Jason was so inspired to do well and look up to Smith no matter the life he grew up with and the addictions he owned but over came later in his life. these guys.. they really are amazing. and together, their bond, their friendship, their hetero love.. it’s a truly beautiful thing.
if you’re unsure of what im talking about i suggest you do a little reasearch and reading on this dynamic duo. the real Jay and Silent Bob.
"Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it."
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest (via dirtydamsel)

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